Bai Ji Guan


Bai Ji Guan rock tea from Wuyi Shan, China

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Famous rock oolong, or Yan Cha, from Wuyi Shan in Fujian, China.  Long, wiry leaves give this tea a handsome appearance.  Named Bai Ji Guan, or White Cockscomb, because of its light leaf color on the bush, this tea has light oxidation and light roasting compared to other Wuyi oolongs.  Light body and delicate fragrance make this tea drink almost like a white tea, but with a little extra oolong punch and classic Wuyi minerality.  Mellow aromas of pine and mushroom pair nicely with smooth earthy flavor and lasting mineral finish.  A delicate tea to aid in contemplation.

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Bai Ji Guan


approx. 2,000ft


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