Gui Fei Cha


An especially unique, light roast, high mountain Taiwanese oolong tea.



Gui Fei Cha

A special oolong tea from the high mountain area of Shan Lin Xi made with the help of leaf hopper insects.  Gui Fei Cha (Precious Concubine) falls into the category of Dong Feng Mei Ren, or Eastern Beauty.  This means that the plant has been bitten by a special type of leaf hopper insect which causes the leaves to begin withering before picking.  This natural process creates a unique honey-like flavor that can only be found in these types of tea.  This Gui Fei Cha is then rolled and lightly roasted to bring out even more of its natural sweetness and nutty flavor.  An amazingly complex tea that will age nicely.

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Country of Origin



approx. 5,000ft


Cui Yu, Qing Xin


summer 2016