Yu Shan Light Roast


Light roast winter harvest olong from Taiwan’s Yu Shan high mountain region


Yu Shan Light Roast

A great winter harvest Taiwanese oolong from the high mountain region surrounding east Asia’s highest peak, Yu Shan (Jade Mountain).  This special batch was organically grown by a small, family run farm at an elevation of almost 4,000 feet and then expertly roasted by an old aquaintance of ours in Lugu.  The final product is a great balance of fresh, winter harvest oolong aroma and warming, subtle roastiness.  Grounding scents of baked apples, pears, and winter spice gently give way to heady, high mountain perfumes and a dry but long lasting finish.  A lingering honey softness hints at the fact that at least some of this harvest was visited by the green leaf hopper insects uttalized in the production of Dong Feng Mei Ren (Eastern Beauty).  A great tea to sip in the fresh fallen snow while pondering new beginnings.

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approx. 4,000ft

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Qing Xin


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