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Tea Tours to Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, India, and China

Come visit the tea gardens of the far east! We offer full service, small group tours (8-10 people max per tour) to some of the best tea producing regions in the world. You will experience the picking, processing, and production of world class tea as well as the age old rituals and techniques that make up the fascinating different tea cultures of Asia. Whether you are a budding tea professional or a tea loving tourist, our tours will leave you with unparalleled tea knowledge and unforgettable experiences!


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“Loved the Japan Tea Tour! Totally recommended!! I´ve tried other tea tours in Asia and this is the absolute best!”

-Paola M.
Japan 2017

Custom Imported Tea

Specialty teas sourced directly from our tea partners in Asia. We strive to source teas form the same world class tea gardens we visit on our tea tours. If you see something you like, consider making a trip to the source, and if you’ve been on one of our tours, find your favorite tea right here!


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