2010 Loose Leaf Pu’er


Gong Ting grade loose leaf Pu’er from just outside Menghai, Yunnan Province.

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Loose Leaf Pu’er

An easily approachable loose leaf Pu’er tea manufactured outside the town of Menghai, in the Xishuangbanna region of Yunnan Province.  This is a Gong Ting grade Pu’er has a small leaf size and a high abundance of golden tips.  The tea brews a very dark reddish brown and gives off a pleasing, slightly musty, aged tea aroma.  Smooth and earthy with a dry finish, this classic tea is a mellow starter for anyone looking to break into the world of Pu’er.

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approx. 1,500 ft


Spring 2010


Da Ye Zhong