Yong De Lao Cha Tou – 2013


Fermented tea “nuggets” from the Yong De region of Yunnan, China

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Cha Tou is a special type of Pu’er tea made from the chunks of leaf material left at the bottom of a fermenting pile during the processing of ripe Pu’er.  The wet, fermenting leaves at the bottom of the pile stick to each other and the factory floor to create these wonderful Pu’er nuggets.  These nuggets will slowly open when brewed to give many, many infusions.  The first few infusions are lighter and sweeter, but as the nuggets break apart, the liquor gets thicker and stronger.  This 2013 batch from the Yong De region of Yunnan has strong fermented flavor and is especially sweet with notes of red berries and fresh bread.

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