Organic, pan heated green tea from Shizuoka, Japan



A unique and delightful Japanese green tea.  Kamairicha is pan heated instead of the traditional steaming method usually used for making Japanese green tea.  To produce green tea, the leaves need to be heated soon after plucking to stop the oxidation process that eventually changes the tea to oolong or black tea.  In Japan, this heating step is usually done by steaming the leaves; however, this tea is pan heated, similar to the style of most Chinese green teas.  The flavor is reminiscent of some Chinese teas, but is still unmistakably Japanese.  The leaves have a darker, grayer color than other Japanese tease.  The tea brews a subdued yellow/green with a roasty, slightly smokey aroma.  Classic, vegetal green tea flavor with hints of toasted nori and roasted sweet potato give way to a clean mineral finish.  A good tea to drink when trying to change your perspective.

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approx. 1,100ft

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