Li Shan


High Mounatin oolong tea from Li Shan, Taiwan

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Li Shan

A classic Taiwanese high mountain oolong tea from the famous Pear Mountain (Li Shan) region of central Taiwan.  Grown at around 2000 meters beside Tianchi Lake, these tightly rolled, vibrant, jade green leaves brew a thick and rich liquor with sweet, high mountain creaminess.  Subtle floral aromas and pungent, sweet vegetable flavors give way to long lasting Hui Gan (classic Chinese term for the lasting after taste in the back of the throat accompanied by a pleasant cooling sensation).  Best brewed gong fu, this tea is suited for infusion after infusion for wave after wave of high mountain goodness.  A great tea for drinking on a mountain peak.

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approx. 6,000ft

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Spring 2021


Qing Xin


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