Pinglin Shui Xian


Shui Xian oolong tea from Pinglin, Taiwan

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Pinglin Shui Xian

This is a wonderful, rolled shui xian oolong tea from Northern Taiwan.  Originating from the Wuyi mountains of China, Shui Xian, literally narcissus or water nymph, is a popular Chinese oolong varietal.  This version, grown in the northern Taiwan town of Pinglin, is rolled in the Taiwanese style instead of left long and twisted like the Chinese version.  The tea brews a rich mahagony color with light sweet and roasted aromas.  Earthy flavors of slate and charcoal mix with sweet flavors of brown sugar and apricot before giving way to a clean finish that begs for more.

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approx. 1,500 ft

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Shui Xian


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