Wazuka Sencha


High grade sencha green tea from Wazuka, Japan

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Wazuka Sencha

A high grade sencha from the rolling hills of Wazuka outside Uji, Japan.  Young leaves are gently harvested from the Yabukita varietal, gently steamed, and shaped into perfect green needles for this delightful spring green tea.  The dry leaves have a deep green color with a slight metallic sheen.  The tea brews a crystal clear pale yellowish green.  Aromas of fresh spinach and steamed asparagus abound.  The flavor s vibrant and green with a slight vegetal astringency and a long dry finish.  This tea is like drinking a plate of fresh green vegetables.  Invigorating and lively, this is a great green tea to start your day.

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approx. 750ft

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Spring 2022




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