Yong De Red Horse Ripe – 2014


A complex, ripe pu’er mini cake from the Yong De region of Yunnan, China.

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A great ripe pu’er with a pleasingly complex flavor.  This ripe pu’er mini cake is made from 2013 harvest, Gongting grade leaf from the Yong De region of Yunnan and pressed into 100g cakes in 2014 (the year of the horse).  Gongting grade is the smallest pu’er leaf grade, meaning that this tea is made entirely from young, small, and delicate buds and leaves.  Gongting leaf grade gives this tea a strong and complex flavor and aroma.  This tea brews thick and sweet with a clean, slightly floral aroma.  The flavor is strong and complex.  There is a lot going on with this tea, and the flavor profile changes with each infusion.  The first few brews are pungent and mineraly with heavy notes of licorice and spice.  The flavor mellows and sweetens with successive infusions giving notes of sweet cinnamon, plum, and rose.  This is a very enjoyable ripe pu’er that will only improve with age.

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