2015 Shou Mei Cake


2015 pressed Shou Mei grade White Tea from Fujian Province.

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Shou Mei Cake

A unique pressed tea cake made from Shou Mei grade white tea grown near the town of Fuding in Fujian Province of China.  This tea cake is made from larger and lower grade leaves than some other white teas, like Bai Mu Dan and Silver needle, but is no less delicious.  Large green, tan, and brown leaves are pressed tightly with large, fuzzy buds making for a striking and alluring appearance.  This Shou Mei brews a full bodied liquor with earthy, sweet flavors.  A slight floral aroma accompanies a smooth mouth feel with hints of porcini mushrooms and a lingering herbal finish.  This is an excellent tea for aging.  The stronger, earthy and herbal flavors will blend and mellow over time and the overall flavor will become sweeter with each year.  A great tea to drink now or in 10 years!

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approx. 1,800ft


Spring 2015


Xiao Bai