Ripe Pu’er Stuffed Tangerine


Loose leaf, ripe Pu’er tea packed into tangerine rind


Ripe Pu’er Stuffed Tangerine

These ripe pu’er stuffed tangerines are a fun and delicious treat to jazz up your everyday tea drinking!  2016 Menghai material was masterfully processed into classic loose leaf ripe pu’er and then carefully packed into a hollowed out tangerine before curing in Yunnan for several months.  The result is a smooth and spicey flavor with a touch of sweet fruitiness.  The tea can be removed from the tangerine to be brewed or, alternatively,  the rind can be broken up and added to the brew for more tangerine flavor.

Each tangerine is approximately 25g, or just under 1oz.

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approx. 3,000ft

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