2012 Bamboo Wrapped Raw Pu’er


2012 Bamboo Wrapped Raw Pu’er from Menghai in Yunnan, China

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2012 Bamboo Wrapped Raw Pu’er

This 2012 bamboo wrapped raw pu’er is a nicely aged and wonderfully complex example of quality raw pu’er.  Pressed by the famous Menghai Tea Factory in Yunnan, China’s Xishuangbanna autonomous region, from a blend of 1-2 year old raw material and then wrapped in bamboo bark for further aging.  The dry leaves have the unmistakable sweet and woody aroma of the bamboo wrapper.  The brewed tea gives a more fermented, sour aroma with a touch of floral jungle.  The flavor of the tea is strong and herbal, yet still smooth with complex notes of sandalwood, mint, and cut cedar.  A tea to simultaneously bring you back to the jungle and make you contemplate the future.

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approx. 3200 ft

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Da Ye Zhong


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