Bai Mu Dan


Bai Mu Dan White Tea from Pinglin, Taiwan


Bai Mu Dan

An exquisite Bai Mu Dan white tea from Northern Taiwan.  Bai Mu Dan, or White Peony, is traditionally a white tea from Fujian, China comprised of both buds and leaves.  Although white tea is somewhat rare in Taiwan, this tea is exceptional.  Minimally processed, this beautifully fluffy tea has large, unadulterated leaves and delicate, downy buds. The tea brews a pale beige and gives off sweet aromas of flowers and mushrooms.  The flavor is smooth with hints of vanilla, fresh cut flowers, and sugar cane that coat your tongue and give way to a lasting herbal finish with zero bitterness or astringency.  A great tea to sip when trying to settle the mind and calm the body.

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approx. 1,500 ft

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White Egret #17


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