Liu Bao


2015 Heicha (fermented dark tea) from Guangxi, China

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Liu Bao

Liu Bao is a classic fermented dark tea from Guangxi.  Although technically not Pu’er because its not from Yunnan, this tea is processed very similarly to classic loose leaf Pu’er.  Harvested in 2015, the raw leaf material is withered and then “wet piled” for fermentation.  Once the desired fermentation is reached,  the tea is packed into baskets for aging.  This particular Liu Bao is from one of the oldest and most famous producers in Guangxi, the Three Cranes factory, and is a blend of several different production batches giving it a balanced and satisfying character.  The smooth, earthy aroma of the dry leaves gives way to a more pungent, sour, fermented aroma in the brewed leaves.  The tea brews dark and sweet with mild fruitiness and distinctive betel nut savoriness.  A good tea for embarking on a new adventure.

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approx. 3200 ft

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Bai Hao


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